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The ideal no parking sign

  Most parking lot owners don’t know it, but a well-made no parking sign can make a difference in their business’s daily operation. A single sign may not cost that much, but they add up quickly – and there are compelling reasons to spend slightly more on the genuine article.

  • Durable aluminum doesn’t need to be replaced as often. 3M™ has earned recognition for the ultrahigh quality of its signs, although that quality comes at a slight price bump, with low-end UV ink jet and screen-printed plastic signs providing the competition. Since cheaper metal signs fade more quickly and plastic signs both fade and break easily, though, up-front savings can be lost in the speed with which the sign has to be fixed or replaced, as well as in reduced visibility (which can mean more time spent dealing with noncompliance).
  • Reflectivity that lasts. In addition to making the sturdiest signs around, 3M also invented reflectivity in the
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    What will reach your audience – a jokey warning or a little sabre-rattling? Will your audience benefit from an explanation, or do they need simplicity and clarity?
    1930s by placing specially designed beads on lengths of tape. Since then, they’ve led the charge in technical refinements, and today, 3M holds dozens of patents on reflective materials from roof granules to reflective optical security overlays for sensitive documents.

The most recent update to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) demands that No Parking signs on private lots display at the very least engineer-grade (type I) retroreflectivity, so as the inventor of the technology, 3M is a natural provider for signs like these. Keep in mind - not only do No Parking signs need to meet reflectivity standards when they’re bought, they can’t dip below a certain level of reflectivity during the life of the sign, either, so high-end materials that won’t fade are key.

  • Convey your personality.Tradition and habit have led to parking signs being divided into three types: red signs for prohibition, blue for informative signs, and green for signs that grant permission. A No Parking sign that’s green may confuse, especially in areas with visitors or residents who may not speak English well, so red is the usual color for signage.

Beyond the simple color scheme, the field is wide open, and users can and do take the opportunity to let their sense of humor (or their willingness to tow) shine through. Making sure your signage reflects the character and purpose of your lot helps make sure people pay attention to it.

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A top-notch aluminum sign can pay for itself over the course of its lifetime.
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